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Welcome in the home hovawart kennel


"Dogs are the angels who have four paws instead of wings."

Angel appeared in our lives immediately become our treasure under a plan of breeding Tesoro Mio. It soon turned out that she is also our four-paws angel... Because people need real angels, we established our dog kennel - Angelo Mio /Italian My Angel.

Angelo Mio FCI is a home kennel, registered with ZKwP - the Polish Kennel Club and FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale.

I realize  passion according to my education, I am a biologist and an animal psychologist. Extremely important to me is genetic selection of parents of our puppies and upbringing of healthy balanced dog that match a pattern wonderful breed, which is hovawart.

On our website you will find information about the bread, our dogs and puppies and useful for every present and the future owner of the dog articles written by dog behaviorist.
You may follow our dog's social life / seminars, competitions, shows, etc. / in the news tab in main menu and shortcut - hot news.

Therefore, if you are looking canine companion for forever. If you want to be waked up every morning by happy dog's kiss. If you would like to be surpriesed every day of his intelligence and energy. You are in the best place to see how it is really like to live with "the most doggy of the dogs". Check with us if hovawart is for you, and you for hovy. Does your "angel on all fours" will be born in our kennel - let's see by yourself!

Enjoy Carolina and Angel

Hodowla AngeloMio
Karolina Makowska
tel. 693 55 70 90
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